About us

Clements Group Holdings

Clements Group Holdings is a multinational investment holding company, which through it's subsidiaries engages in Healthcare, Mining and related services, Manufacturing, Technology, Trading, Media, Energy and Real Estate Management.

Our companies are led by exceptional management teams with clear vision, purpose and executional excellence. We lead or co-invest in companies that have meaningful brand values, high customer joy driven by an outstanding product, demonstrated growth and clear catalysts for the next level of scale.

The principle function of Clements Group Holdings is to serve as investment vehicle and holding company for the business interests of the Clements family.
Our Vission
Our vision is to be an Investment holding company that provides profitable and sustainable growth in strategically selected sectors that is respectable and ethical at an international level.
Our Mission
Our mission is to build a comprehensive network of business partners and associates across the world in order to extend our investment outreach and business capabilities.

Core values

Professional conduct, upholding good governance, transparency and the highest ethical standards.
Proactive and passionate, pursuing endeavors with a balance between entrepreneurial risk-taking and professional diligence.
Commitment to improve the lives of people in the communities with a focus on environmental stewardship.
Seizing opportunities for portfolio companies to enhance value, derive synergies and sustainability in the long run.
Ingenuity in our processes, products and systems to foresee customer needs and deliver delight through innovative ideas and technologies.